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Ever Wonder Why The McFlurry Spoon Looks The Way It Does? Mind Blown.

Jimmy Keith Jun 11, 2017
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One of the great mysteries of our generation

Do you love McFlurries? How can you not? Soft ice cream with delicious candy pieces mixed in so every bite as equally delicious as the last. They are so tasty that it has us craving a cup after lunch or late at night. Plus you don’t even have to leave your car to get one. What an age to live in!

But there’s always been something bugging me about the McFlurry. What’s up with that weird spoon? It’s a little abnormal: It’s large and square at the top and hollowed out.

#1 Mysterious McFlurry

Have you always wondered why Mc Donalds hands you a square spoon with an opening up top to eat your Mc Flurry with? This has literally been one of the mysteries of life…until now!

#2 Mind. Blown.

How could something so simple have taken this long to figure out?!

#3 Conspiracy Of The Spoon

You could have all the theories in the world (there are forums which talk about the use of the spoon) you’d probably STILL have it wrong…

#4 Not A Straw

Admit it, you’ve even tried to use it as a straw…lol awkward

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