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Eminem And Kid Rock Were At The Pistons’ Opener Last Night. They Got Different Reactions.

Baby Shark Oct 26, 2017
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Wednesday night was Detroit’s Pistons opening night, and the event covered many areas; including sports, music, and politics. It turns out that Eminem, who is a native of the city and Kid Rock, who hopes to win over Detroit in the upcoming Senate elections, were both found present at the opening ceremony.

Now apart from being a native of the town, Eminem is also favoured by the locals because of his recent viral anti-Trump rap. That gives the people all the more reason to support Eminem over Kid Rock, and that is what happened precisely.

I guess you guys can imagine the reaction of the audience to each of these two stars.

The Detroit Free Press detailed the fans’ reactions and responses :

“The rapper [Eminem] took the microphone briefly and worked the crowd into a frenzy.
“Let’s go,” he roared, and the crowd roared back with him.

A few moments later, the video board showed Kid Rock, who was sitting courtside, and who got booed where Eminem got cheered.

The difference didn’t go unnoticed by Van Gundy, who noted after the game Eminem’s appearance — in front of NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who was there to pay homage to the

Pistons’ new home — said plenty.

“Without making a statement, they were able to make a statement,” said Van Gundy.”

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