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Doctors in Delivery Room Witness 23-Year-Old Mom’s Historic Birth

Baby Shark Jan 16, 2018
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Alexandra Kinova, 23, and Antonin Kroscen are partners and they were planning on expanding their family. They were enthused by the idea.

Alexandra conceived twins and they had a son before as well.

Both Alexandra and Antonin had the twins gene in their family and when they learned that they are going to carry on the tradition they were quite happy.

However after some months the doctor informed them that they were going to have four, not two babies. It makes sense, two from the mother’s side and two from father’s side (chuckles).

The cherry on top was that after some more time they disovered a fifth baby! It was like a baby-producing factory.

“When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry,” said Kinova, whose chances of conceiving them naturally were one in seven million.

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