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Doctor Texts The Wrong Number For Medical Advice, Random Girl Responds With Correct Answer

Baby Shark Sep 27, 2017
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Everyone has Googled the symptoms of their disease while being ill, which isn’t actually a very good idea. What you get is a vague response from Yahoo answers, a horrible prediction from WebMD or a fright that you’ve one way or another developed lupus.
The only possible correct way is to consult a medical doctor –this is what Matt, a medical professional, did when he got unsure about the treatment of his patient.

“Hey Dr. Park,” Matt wrote in a text, “this is Matt from the [redacted] vascular lab”. He further explained that one of his outpatients has an “external iliac occlusion” (it’s actually a blocked artery) and the other symptoms but he is uncertain about the treatment of the patient.

Unfortunately, Matt’s message instead of reaching Dr. Park was sent to “Hannah” the non intended recipient of the message. But Hannah di her best to hep Matt overcome the circumstances, and replied the way as we all will be doing:Googling it

Hannah’s response is quite admirable here. Not only did she took her day out and researched the matter regarding Matt’s patient but also sent him some optimistic support. Being in her situation, a confused selfie or anything else would have seemed a right reply.
After it was posted to Imgur, some users indicated, as the radial artery is in the arm, inserting a stent in it wouldn’t be much helpful with the iliac artery – which is in the leg.

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