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Do You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night? Here’s What You Need To Know

Jimmy Keith Aug 10, 2017
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If a good night’s rest is something that you wish you could dream about, then this is the article for you. Many people suffer from sleep loss, and it can certainly impact various areas of your life. However, people don’t always experience interrupted sleep because of the same reasons. The trick to getting a more rest at bedtime is pinpointing the issues and making adjustments as needed.
Here, we gathered a few of the most common culprits for sleep loss. Read on to see if any of these could be standing between you and a peaceful night of sleep.

Hot Flashes
Project Aware indicates that hot flashes can definitely wake people up. Women who are going through menopause of the most common sufferers of hot flashes. If you experience hot flashes at night, then it is called night sweats. According to the article, hot flashes feel like your body is being swept by a wave of heat. It can lead to perspiration and could be accompanied by anxiety.

Natural Treatment: Project Aware suggests placing a cup of water and some motherwort near your bedside. If you awaken from a hot flash, then you can sip the water and mix in 15-25 drops of motherwort. Over time, your hot flashes should reduce.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome is categorized as the involuntarily twitching in the arms and legs. Dr. Whitaker explains that the syndrome is caused by a disruption in the nervous system. The uncontrollable movement can certainly be a sleep hindrance.

Natural Treatment: Dr. Whitaker indicates that some supplements work to reduce the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. One suggestion is to use iron for those that have a deficiency. You can also consume more calcium and magnesium. Additionally, Dr. Whitaker suggests regular exercise and has even heard from patients that slipping a bar of soap under the sheets has also reduced involuntarily movement.

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