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Dad Is FURIOUS After Getting School Letter That His ‘Picky Eater’ Son Will Be Obese

Baby Shark Oct 30, 2017
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Parents are incredibly territorial over the way they raise their children, and they have the right to do so with good reason.
However, when kids spend as much time in school as they do in the home, their instructors and school officials often feel that they are responsible for them and take things into their own hands.


But the question is, when does a school official oversteps his/her bounds in a student’s life of a parent’s?

According to Eliza Thornberry:

“Children need to know that their parents are there, it’s not the school’s job to interfere with parenting unless there’s clear abuse.”

One parent received a shocking note regarding his son’s eating habits, and he felt that the school official crossed the line.
Keep reading to know the whole story and do tell how you would have reacted?

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