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Dad Is FURIOUS After Getting School Letter That His ‘Picky Eater’ Son Will Be Obese

Baby Shark Oct 30, 2017
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We are all aware that BMI, measurement of the body fat based on an individual’s weight and height, is a flawed measurement system because it does not distinguish between the muscle and the stored fat.

BMI cannot be used as an accurate measure of body fat specifically for kids because they are in their growing age and their bodies are still developing.

Some kids are picky eaters, and it’s a power struggle for parents to get their child to eat. So if you have a kid who is not a picky eater, then you are lucky.

Kids who are picky eaters are technically wired that way, and the internet is filled with recipes to aid parents in making their kids eat so that the kids grow out of this habit.

Parents often believe that they must act on behalf of their child’s eating habits and take things into their hands.

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