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Cyber Bully Mocks Dancing Man’s Weight, But Insults Completely Backfire.

Baby Shark Dec 24, 2017
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There is probably no single definition of bullying that explains it in its entirety. However when you see it happening you know it. It has taken a LOT of time for people to recognize it as a social evil and now finally people are trying to counter bullying.

Bullying doesn’t happen just to high school kids. It happens to teachers and ethnic groups, it also happens sadly to girls (also known as harassment) but the latest victim of bullying is a 48-year-old Sean O’Brien. He became very famous very fast due to an insulting video posted by a stranger. Thankfully, a group of brave and concerned beautiful ladies stepped in to make him feel better.

He was at a party when someone noticed him trying to dance. However instead of just letting him do whatever he wanted to do they started making fun of him and in an obvious manner too, because he became ashamed and stopped dancing. They had by this time, taken pictures of him and shared with the caption:

It was demeaning and insulting.

The photo on becoming viral landed in the phones (or whatever gadget they were using) of some incredibly beautiful ladies. They decided to step in and save the day.

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