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Commenters Tried To Body Shame Mandy Moore And She Was Having None Of It

Baby Shark Jan 09, 2018
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We all know Mandy Moore slays harder than a golden knight at a metal concert.

For those of you who don’t know Mandy Moore, she’s gorgeous, skilled, very pretty, and currently the star of the hit NBC show known as This is Us. The whole fiasco started when she made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show to promote her own show and posted this picture below on Instagram.

After that she went on the show, and came back home and didn’t bother a lot.

Ummm actually plot twist, that’s not what, happened exactly. You see she looks super tall and thin in the picture that she posted and unexpectedly, people were body- shaming her for being too thin. I mean, when did that start happening? Rude remarks ranging from accusations of the picture being photo shopped to people trying to show concern about her eating habits could be seen under the post.

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