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Bullies Label Woman ‘1950s Housewife Slave’ For Making Lunch For Husband So She Claps Back

Baby Shark Nov 13, 2017
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While some of the comments were a little cruel and sarcastic, others actually made some pretty good points.

“Imagine how many men post FB threads asking for tips on ironing their ‘wifey’s’ blouse?” one person said.

While some people posted comments that made people think without offending Maudie, others supported her in making lunch for the partner. They said that it’s an act of love, not slavery.

“I work and so does my husband and I love making his lunch,” one woman wrote. “We have been married 12 years and it is a nice way to let him know I care for him.”

Other women admitted to also making their husband’s lunches too and shared some lunch tips.

“Being caring is not a tradition, it is just being loving. Nice to hear others do. He likes it when I cut up bread, cheese etc like an antipasto platter in his lunch box!”

“I think it’s a very lovely and kind gesture though acknowledges that not everyone may have the time and capacity to do so. Surely nice actions like these get reciprocated in happy marriages.”

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