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Boyfriend Gets Ripped Apart After Telling New Girlfriend He ‘Doesn’t Like Her Body’

Jimmy Keith Jun 16, 2017
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The internet has come together to defend a teenager after her boyfriend (now ex) responded to a photo of her in a bikini by criticising her body.

Katie Testa, from Florida, posted the offensive message from Matt, on Twitter – and thousands of people have jumped to her defence.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Katie said it helped her realise she ‘didn’t deserve someone who spoke to her that way’.

The 19-year-old sent the photo of herself in a bikini to her boyfriend Matt, who she’d been with for five months.
And she got this response:

You have cellulite on your legs and I hate it and stomach isn’t how I like. It’s bothered me since I’ve asked you out. I’m sorry, now I feel like an asshole.

Asshole would be right, mate…

She replied:

Good ‘cuz you are. Night.

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