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Black Guy Gets Hilarious Revenge On Racist White Lady Who Tried To Cut Him In Line.

Baby Shark Jan 12, 2018
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This DC based music executive is a super cool dude. He is especially cool under acts of racism. Going by the name of Emmit Walker, this guy handled a racist woman in a manner so cool that everybody began to applaud him.

Recently he was waiting in line at an airport in Virginia to board the plane when a woman behind him claimed that he should let all others pass before him because “this line is for priority boarding.” Emmit Walker posted all of the conversation on Facebook.


The woman was Caucasian while Emmit Walker is black and that was the only probable reason why she could have assumed that he was not a “prioirity boarder”.

After that he began to document and publish the conversation that took place between them and later posted on Facebook. He received a viral response.

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