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Baby Was Abandoned For Being “Too Ugly,” 30-Yrs-Later He’s Inspiring Millions.

Baby Shark Sep 25, 2017
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A rare genetic disorder, Treacher Collins Syndrome, causes troubles with seeing, hearing and yet breathing as well. But it does not make an individual feel less intelligent but at the same time having the ability have the pain of rejection.

This disorder has an effect on the progression of bones and tissues of the face, as well as the eyes, ears, cheekbones and jawbone. About 1 in 50,000 people are born with Treacher Collins, those have facial characteristics naturally counting eyes that angles downward, thin eyelashes and deformed ears.

Jono Lancaster, born in October 1985, When he was diagnosed with TCS by the doctors, they asked his parents that he would perhaps never walk or talk.He was out for adoption only at the age of 2 days.

But after two weeks, the foster mother Jean saw “ a little baby that needed looking after” and merely “fell in love with him.”
She legitimately adopted him, Five years later

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