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An American Woman Won The New York Marathon. It Only Took 40 Years.

Baby Shark Nov 13, 2017
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Finally, something for New-Yorkers to rejoice! The curse has been broken after a full 40 years, and a native has eventually won the New York City Marathon. The lucky girl is Shalane Flanagan. She beat Mary Keitany, who has a hat-trick record for winning the New-York marathon in the last 3 years.

Her unofficial race time was 2:26:53, which means that on an average, she ran at a rate of 6 minutes per mile. This was also true for the Kenyan runner, but in the 23rd mile, Shalane got ahead and kept ahead until she won.

She is an Olympian athlete and has been competing in the games since 2004. She went on to participate in the 2008, 2012 AND 2016 Olympic Games. Her marathon history is also good; she has won the tenth position in 2012 and sixth position in 2016.

“This is the moment I have dreamed off since I was a little girl. It’s been a tough week for New Yorkers and a tough week for our nation and I thought of what a better gift than to make Americans smile today,” she said while talking to Reuters.

People have been getting emotional over her victory. Here are some sample posts for you guys:

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