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AN 18 Stone Mum Was Inspired To Lose Half Her Body Weight After Her Husband Mistook A Pair Of Her Giant Bridget Jones knickers for a BABYGRO.

Jimmy Keith Aug 12, 2017
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At her biggest, Yvette McAtamney, from Dunmurry, near Belfast, wore size 24 clothes, barely left the house and couldn’t even wash her own hair.

Worse still, she admitted she was “so fat” that she struggled to go to the toilet without her husband Anthony’s help.

But the 38-year-old realised she needed to take herself in hand after a nappy change ended in blushes all round.

Yvette, an adult support worker, explained: “I’d been slumped on the sofa eating my fourth Crunchie of the day when I heard my husband Anthony trying to change our 10-month-old daughter Roisin in the kitchen, but it wasn’t going well.

“He was trying to find the arm hole, and then I heard him start giggling.

“I poked my head around the door and he was holding a pair of my big pink knickers and looking sheepish. He told me he’d thought it was a Babygro.”

When the couple had got together in 1996, Yvette was a trim size eight.

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