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All New: Full-Figured Mom Recreates Celebrity Glamor Photos – Now She’s Celebrated By Millions

Baby Shark Mar 05, 2018
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When you see pictures of celebrities online, everything seems so perfect and spotless on the surface. They’re always beautiful, they lead exciting lives, they have beautiful smiles and they’re practically swimming in luxury.

It’s easy to feel lacking when you’re sitting on the couch in a grubby T-shirt with a bowl of chips on your lap. But remember that celebrities’ pictures and posts don’t exactly reflect reality. Even though celebs certainly have their bad days, they generally don’t put them online for their fans to see.

Celeste Barber is the mother of a toddler and an Australian comedian who became famous by making her own versions of celebrities’ glamorous pictures on Instagram. She’s not afraid to admit that her life doesn’t look as perfect on the surface as the lives of celebrities, but instead of feeling bad about it, she has fun with it.

Celeste’s stomach might not be flat, her husband might not be as hot as Brad Pitt, she’s not as smooth and blemish-free as all those brand-name beauties, but she probably has more fun than they do!

Millions of people now follow Celeste on Instagram and eagerly await each of her spectacular photos — and practically the whole internet is laughing along with her brilliant photos! By the way, some of them are quite revealing.

Here are our favorite pictures of Celeste sending up various celebrities!

1. That’s the attitude!

2. We can’t all have hot abs!

3. Almost like camouflage!

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