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A**hole Sends Girl Unsolicited Dick Pic, So Girl Sends It To His Mom

Baby Shark Nov 13, 2017
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One thing that guys should know is that sending a woman a picture of their genitals without asking her asking for the image is cyber rape. All guys should know that women do not want to see the pictures of their genitals at all.

I feel as of women living in the digital era have to go through this kind of harassment online every single day. Men just have a habit of throwing unwelcomed dick pictures in cyberspace.

Thankfully, there are women out there like Rebecca McGregor, who take this subject matter into their own hands. The twenty-one-year-old receives this kind of unsolicited pictures very often because she is a photographer and a lingerie model.

Just because a woman is a model does not mean that she is willing to look at your genitals and is asking for it. Guys need to get it together. So Rebecca decided to send the unwanted dick pic to the sender’s mother.
Rebecca wrote in her Facebook post that:

“Are you tired of unsolicited dick pics from creeps?????
Unwanted vulgar chat from strangers you’ve never spoken to??????Take my approach, screenshot it and send it to their MA xx EDIT: To answer everyone’s questions about my photography, yes I take booking for both males and females, my Instagram is: @_thelingeriephotographer , where I take most of my bookings, and NO because my style of photography is boudoir photography does NOT mean I’m ‘asking’ to be sexually harassed”

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