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A Mom Made A Super Obvious Joke On Twitter And It Got Her Investigated By CPS.

Baby Shark Jan 09, 2018
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However she made sure to clarify that the anger she is exhibiting is not directed towards the CPS. It is after all, their job to investigate such matters and they have to do their job. “How ludicrous the charge was.” But “the fact that anyone who presumably follows me and keeps up with my parenting vignettes would report me to CPS is not only stunning—it’s concerning.”

“I have no proof it was an attempted targeted attack against me,” wrote McDaniel, who saw the investigation was resolved after a few days, “but we all know when you’re a journalist, you either have enemies or you’re not doing your job.” In the tweet above, you can view everything that she said in response to what happened.

Such occurring are not very uncommon though. Back in October, the comedian Bess Kalb was suspended from Twitter after she tweeted this.

Here’s what she tweeted upon her return to Twitter, directed at Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey:

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