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A Mom Made A Super Obvious Joke On Twitter And It Got Her Investigated By CPS.

Baby Shark Jan 09, 2018
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Alex McDaniel, a journalist conspired with a mother to formulate a joke and they launched it into Twitter together. They waited in anticipation for the joke to take off, for the public to go bonkers and for the post to become viral. What happened was very different from what they had expected. Instead of the public response, they were contacted by an investigation team from Child Protection Services.

You have got to let some things go, Twitter!

The mother of a three-year-old made this particular joke which whipped up all this racket, “anonymous male tipster reported her for suspected child abuse and human trafficking,” according to Scary Mommy:

“3yo for sale. $12 OBO [or best offer]”

Anyone with a pint of common sense would acknowledge that what’s quoted above is a joke. Especially if you know who the person who’s tweeting it is. McDaniel’s personal thinking is that someone may have deliberately turned this harmless joking into a mess. She posted on Twitter why, “parenting in the age of social media” is no joke.

“I was at work last Monday afternoon when two unexpected visitors arrived with uncomfortable looks on their faces,” she wrote. “After bringing them to my office they told me they were with Lafayette County Child Protective Services and that I was the subject of a human trafficking investigation.”

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