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8 Things You Should Never Lend, Even To Your Nearest And Dearest

Baby Shark Aug 16, 2017
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Every one among us is well aware of the fact that never borrow or share another person’s toothbrush or comb. Though, occasionally there are several personal belongings that we don’t mind to share with others but it must be avoided.
Here at The Tab Post we will present you with a list of things that should not have more than one possessor. Moreover we will guide you how to keep and maintain them in better state.

8. Lip gloss and lipstick

By sharing other persons lipstick or lip-gloss diseases like herpes can easily be transmitted. It really doesn’t matter that the infected person has got any obvious rash apparently or not but the virus will stay in mouth’s mucous membrane and saliva. Presently there isn’t any good cure for herpes however we can prevent it if we avoid using the contaminated lipstick and makeup products.

7. Headphones

Respectively every one has a specific bacterial flora balance in their earwax. When we ask our friends to share headphones it can disturb this balance and can result in ear infection. Earwax can be remove from headphone by cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide or by placing them in an alcohol solution can disinfect the pads.

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