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7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Met Your Soul Mate Yet

Baby Shark Dec 05, 2017
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#5. You dream about someone who’s already taken.

It’s not 1860 anymore and nobody sulks over a taken person. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea; you just need to go fishing. Don’t convince yourself that the person for you is already taken. If they were the ones for you, they would have been with you. and lets suppose that you convince them to direct their attention towards you, wouldn’t you feel guilty that you took away someone’s life? Or that if they could cheat on them with you, they could cheat on you with someone else just as easily.

#4. You have trust issues.

If you are deceived time and again, maybe think about the types of people you go out with. Go out of your comfort zone and explore other types of people. Everyone is not the same even though your limited experience might have told you so. Also, don’t mistrust everyone because of what went earlier. Everybody should be given a fair chance. Just keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut.

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