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7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Met Your Soul Mate Yet

Baby Shark Dec 05, 2017
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Its time someone told you what might be wrong with you. Nope! No excuses, no blaming other people, fate and circumstances. It’s time we dealt with the issues within us. So for those of you, who are suffering from loneliness, mind these 7 things that we are going to tell you today and maybe you will have someone to share your loneliness with – always and forever.

#7. You still suffer from a previous relationship.

Getting over a relationship especially one that you thought was going to last forever is indeed difficult. You might want to study the stages of grief and understand where you are at. If you start a relationship with someone just to prove something to your ex, you are possibly in denial still and in order to move on, you need to chin up and accept things for what they are. Respect yourself, give yourself the time needed to heal and feel; and then think about dating.

#6. You have steep expectations.

Social media, Photoshop and the world of glamour have messed up our perceptions of what our partner should look like and what our relationship should be like. We need to be realistic. Take a long, hard look at the mirror and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know what you are offering the other person, your own expectations will become rationalized and life will become easier.

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