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6 Things Showing Men Are Biologically Planned To Look In For Women

Baby Shark Oct 01, 2017
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We may be much advanced from our primal ancestors in many ways, but our primal instincts are still with us. One of the primal instincts of men is looking at women and accessing their fertility. They don’t know they’re doing it and women certainly don’t know that they are radiating signs. But these primal habits have stuck with us and are here to stay. So we might as well learn about them and use them to our advantage.

Here are 6 things that men register in their minds automatically while looking at women.

1. The Booty

Sir Mix a lot truthfully said “I like bug butts and I cannot lie”. Well at least he aint a hypocrite as men are hardwired to be attracted to big hips. According to evolutionary and behavioral research, men tend to be drawn to a 0.7 waist to hip ratio. That means that the circumference of the waist is 70% of the circumference of the hips.

Wider hips indicate that the woman can safely give birth to babies which was a major concern for our ancestors. Estrogen and other female hormones create wider hips which also indicate hormonal health. And although men don’t know the reason why they like bigger butts, they are following their primal instincts of creating a healthy family.

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