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6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About

Baby Shark Dec 05, 2017
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#4. Bright toys

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As kids learn about the world from their surroundings including toys, try to keep their toys as realistic and simple as you can. Provide them with toys of natural materials and colors, avoid toys that make sounds or do tricks. These un-natural things are a source of personality defects and depression, aggression, fear with no basis and influence creative development in a negative way.

#3. Warm clothes

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Babies have terrible thermoregulation, a fact that drives many parents to over-insulate their babies. This results in heat strokes and neuroticism. Plus it doesn’t allow the baby’s body to develop defence mechanism towards weather changes and causes low immunity.

To keep your baby comfortable at all times, dress them up in breathable clothing, keep their chest and belly dry at all times and make sure that their hands and feet are always warm.

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