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6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About

Baby Shark Dec 05, 2017
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Childhood is a wonderful period, and parents are ready to do anything to make their child smile and laugh. But sometimes it’s easy to take this too far.

The Tab Post found five things that do more harm than good to your children.

#6. Baby walkers and jumperoos

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These things are seriously damaging to your baby’s physique, mental and physical health. Not only do they cause deformation of legs and spine, they also cause serious injuries (more than 8000 cases of injury are reported per annum in America alone, not to mention the fact that they have been banned in Canada). Then comes the damage to muscles; these things cause uneven strengthening of muscles (much like unsupervised Gym training). Plus they hinder the development of independent motor skills, self-preservation instincts and equilibrium.

If you absolutely want to use these, use them under supervision for 15 minutes twice a day after your baby displays the skill to get up independently. And consult your orthopedist.

#5. Juice and milk

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Packaged juices are low in nutritional value and high in calories which makes them damaging to dental health and contributors to obesity. They do more harm than good. So give your baby freshly extracted juices after the age of one.

Cow milk is high in nutrients and low in iron, rendering it useless for a baby. It may harm the kidneys and provoke anemia, allergies, and dysbacteriosis. You can give your kid cow milk after the age of one but not more than 17 oz per day. Replace milk with calcium-rich foods (cultured dairy foods, green vegetables, and fruit) and foods rich in vitamin D (eggs, beef liver).

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