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405 Pound Woman’s Told She Wouldn’t Live 40 Years, Loses 250 Pounds On Way To Triathlon Crown

Ayesha JT Sep 25, 2017
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Although she knew that she had gained a lot of weight, she would still not get on the scales because she wanted to get away from the reality of the situation which was that she was in a severe weight issue.

She tells Caters, “It was only when I caught the flu and had to see my GP that he convinced me to have a health check. I couldn’t believe it when the scales read 184 kgs (405 pounds) and my blood results revealed I had Type 2 diabetes. I knew then something had to change.”

However, Elle decided that she was going to drop her habit of eating junk food and went for the gastric sleeve surgery which allowed her to be motivated and hit the gym consistently.

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