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24 Pictures That Will Make You Say “So Damn Right”

Baby Shark Jan 09, 2018
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2017 was different for all of us. Some of us will look back at this year and think that this was maybe the best year of their lives while others will look back and say to themselves, “Better luck next year, I hope”. Whichever one of these two categories of people you belong to; there is no denying that there are some things common among all of us. The internet has brought us closer by sharing with us the same information, and what better way to reminiscence about 2017 than looking back at some of the most shared memes of the year?

In the beginning of 2018, we would like to remind you guys of the best memes of 2017, the ones that resonate with us and the ones that make us shout, “preach”! Let’s see which memes made the cut.

1. Let’s get acquainted. It’s all about the looks for some people.

2. This 8-year-old is my spirit animal. She may officially also be the laziest person on Earth. Guinness guys, where are you?

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