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20 Signs You Just Had The Best Sex Of Your Entire Life

Baby Shark Feb 08, 2018
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8. You realize you gave zero Fs what your body looked like whilst gyrating in contorted positions that would make your yoga instructor jealous. YOLO.

9. You have #JGF hair (Just Got… you know). On a normal day, you can’t even get your lovely lady locks to hold a single curl, but when you wake up from a wild sex sesh, you literally have a perm.

10. One of your false eyelashes is on his cheek. His ass cheek.

11. Your vajazzle jewels are missing… as is the top layer of your labia.

12. There’s a vajazzle jewel on your partner’s face. (“Wait, you have a nose ring?”)

13. You wake up hungrier and craving carbs more than that time you did a juice cleanse… TIMES TEN.

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