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20 Most Awkward Prom Photos

Baby Shark Jan 16, 2018
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Ranging from asking out your hopefully-would-be-date to the selection and co-ordination of your dresses, from finding the perfect corsage to finding the perfect dress, prom is the biggest event of teenage life that has many stages that have to be crossed perfectly otherwise you could ruin your adolescent social life. Shockingly, things don’t generally go as arranged and what you thought may be a smart thought wound up hopelessly falling flat with regards to prom clothing. All things considered, on the off chance that you settled on an awful dress choice for your own prom, have no dread on the grounds that these fifteen individuals topped you in the most exceedingly awful dressed class.


We are going to start with this classic number. This one tops our list of most awkward prom photos. Apart from their expressions and body language, the clothing seems awkward as well. Who knows, maybe this was the raging style at that time and place.

Just… No.

These guys seem to be obsessed with this rubber material. Up until now, we have only seen this material used to make rubber shoes. They seem happy though, and more comfortable than the last couple, and that’s what matters the most.

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