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15 Unexpected Uses For Everyday Items That Are Totally Genius

Baby Shark Dec 05, 2017
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The things we utilize on a daily basis can often be multi-purpose without us even knowing. At times normal things can have a lot of uses if you just get a little creative! There are some unexpected uses for everyday items that are totally genius. We are in love with the bread bin charging station and the up-cycled guitar shelves! Have a look, there could be something on this list that you can take advantage from!

15. Breadbox charging station

© fijnwonen.blogspot

A creative idea of making a stylish device from a pointless breadbox, consequently solving the messy wires problem.

14. Soda can tab for hanging a picture

© kinja.com/whitsongordon

Just use an old soda can tab to hang up a picture that doesn’t have a wire on the back.

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