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15 Things Only a Shy Girl Will Do If She Likes You

Baby Shark Apr 09, 2018
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It is very hard for shy and introvert girls to start a conversation, let alone make the first move with a guy. They are torn between wanting to talk to the guy so bad, and wanting to hide every time he is close. Anyways, shy girls are considered to be rare gems. They are good listeners, good observers, and are also good at keeping conversations. There are 15 signs that are going to help you understand that in fact you are dealing with one of these girls.

15. Mr. Invisible.

She will admire you from afar, but never take the courage to come and talk to you. The best you can do is go up to her and make the first move because apparently she will not.

14. Awkward.

Shy girls can be awkward, especially with other people around. She will be more concerned controlling her nerves around other people, rather than listening to you and being focused on what you are saying.

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