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15 Selfish Acts Of Titanic Passengers That Night

Baby Shark Sep 25, 2017
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The catastrophic calamity, the sinking of the humongous ship, the Titanic, shook the entire world to the core. Thousands of individuals lost their lives and those fortunate enough to continue to exist carried with them the appalling memory of that deadly night everlastingly.

Those selected to be driven to get into lifeboats first were children and women. True to the universal code of chivalry, most men stood aside and let their families live as they bid their families goodbye. However, men were not the only ones who were courageous. Some wives declined to get into lifeboats without their significant others which are the main reason why most of the couples died side-by-side.

The courageous people in the boat did not once hesitate either because they gave up their life jackets, the ship was sinking. The perfect example is the priest who was travelling on the ship and chose to stay on in order to hear the last confession of the passengers on the who knew they wouldn’t make it alive out of the sinking ship.

The most famous example is the Captain of the ship, Edward Smith, who rebuffed the thought to discard his ship. Some spectators claim that the captain, a hero until his last breath, was seen holding a child in the cold deep water after the ship went down.
Apart from all of this courage, there was something else which was also lurking in that ship which is known as cowardice. Not all passengers on board were courageous enough. In fact, most of them were self-interested. They were looking out for one person who was themselves.

#1 Bruce Ismay Was The Highest-Ranking White Star Official To Survive

The president of White Star, Bruce Ismay, was an English businessman and belonged to the company that built the tragic ship, Titanic. Bruce Ismay was frequently on board his ships on their journey. He was the top-notch White Star Company’s bureaucrat to stay alive on the sinking of Titanic and later gained the standing of a coward.
Ismay embarked one of the last lifeboats to be had that critical night and declined to even momentary look back at the tumbling ship. Ismay asked for a private cabin when the rescue ship Carpathia rescued those individuals in lifeboats and spent most of his time under the control of drugs like opium.
The American press was merciless towards Bruce Ismay as they condemned him for deserting the sinking ship when women and children were still on the ship. He was called the “J. Brute Ismay” and “Coward of the Titanic”. The public and rest of the general community got even more distressed when reports spread that during the trip Ismay advised as well as urged the captain to increase the speed of the ship so as to reach their end destination quicker before time. It was also exposed that it was Ismay’s proposal to limit the number of lifeboats on the vessel.

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