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15 Actors That Have Died The Most On Screen

Baby Shark Oct 01, 2017
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When it comes to the movies and TV shows, and when a character dies –There comes the most forceful twist of the whole story. Whatsoever the case is either it’s a tragic and sad, an action-filled sacrifice, or totally over the top scene, A character’s death is always a central part of any story.

Many actors on screen have “bitten the bullet “many times ostensibly in a never-ending cycle of death .They are casted in a movie and then killed, casted again and then killed, and the cycle continues. Some actors just came out to be the heroes of the movie screen and they never die. But when coming to some actors, their destiny is to be killed again and again.

Here is the list of 10 actors who have died the most on-screen.

#1 Val Kilmer – 15 Times

Val Kilmer transformed from a sidekick to leading actor but .When coming to his roles, he died a total of 15 times on screen.
The biggest hits of his career in which he has taken the bullet have been: Tombstone, in which his role was of the infamous Doc Holliday and The Doors, Kilmer played the role of Jim Morrison. He also died in The Island Of Dr. Moreau and MacGruber.

#2 Brad Pitt – 15 Times

Brad Pitt has been marked in the list of the 15 times killed personality on-screen. Ginning his career as eye candy in movies : Thelma and Louise, Pitt swiftly moved to leading roles in Hollywood such as Seven and Fight Club.His most memorable deaths were in the movies like : The Devil’s Own, Legends of the Fall, Kalifornia, Burn After Reading, Troy, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, and yes, we count Fight Club as well.

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