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14 People Sharing Their Most Mortifying One-Night Stands

Baby Shark Dec 28, 2017
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Youngsters are in the habit of just picking out a random partner from some pub or club and spending the night with them. this is a very dangerous habit because you know nothing about the person. They could be thieves, freaks, psychos and even murderers. Plus they could have STDs and you might catch them.

Secondly, you get into trouble for this kind of thing with your parents and other family members. Especially if you are committed now and find it hard to resist because you have developed this habit before.

Some of you might enjoy it always but ask yourselves the risk that you are taking to get momentary pleasure. Why not try and find something more meaningful and log lasting? Let’s hear these stories from people that will make us realize just how bad these one night stands can be.

1. My brain can’t stop imagining her sneaking out of the apartment. Girls do that?

2. Yikes, I’d never wanna be on that uber ride. Imagine the small talk they would have had if the girl wasn’t his daughter.

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