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12 Brilliant Clothing Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Baby Shark Nov 26, 2017
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Your choice of clothing should indeed have some thought process behind it. Consider the factors involved; the type of occasion, type of gathering, type of place, the weather, the season, your weight, your height and much more. So if somebody nags you about all the time you spend on selecting what to wear, don’t bother them. Maybe make the choice quicker and speed up your thought process but don’t skip any of the considerations. Clothes make us and clothes can break us.

Here we have some hacks that will help you to look thinner and proper for any occasion.

10.Add a vertical line.

Vertical lines or vertical stripes give a taller, leaner look to the body. Similarly long jackets and rows of buttons going down vertically add linear dimension to the body, helping fat and short people to cover those areas up.

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9.Choose the right bra.

Push-up bras help create some space between the breasts and stomach, which makes us look like we have less fat in that area. It caters the layers of fat and makes us look fitter.

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