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11 Utterly Essential Tricks to Help You Maintain Your “Miss Perfect” Image

Baby Shark Nov 19, 2017
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This is a compilation of numerous hacks that you might need to use when you have no other tool at your disposal. To maintain your perfection at all times and to prove that you are neat, read the article and educate yourselves:

1.How to stop bra straps from peering out beneath your tank top

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Sew some stitch buttons with long threads that will act as straps or sew a readymade strap onto your shoulders that will secure the bra-strap and hide it perfectly at all times.

2.How to get rid of nail varnish when you’re out of remover liquid

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Use another nail polish on top of the one that you have already applied and use a cloth to wipe it clean before it dries. The old one will come off along with the new one.

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