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11 Things You Must Know About The Terrifying Condition Called Sleep Paralysis

Baby Shark Dec 28, 2017
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Facts that every person needs to know about sleep paralysis.

Most people have gone through sleep paralysis at some point in their lives but probably don’t know that what they went through was sleep paralysis and not a paranormal experience. Sleep paralysis happens when a person is about to wake up or about to fall asleep. They experience a paralysis of their body. They can see and hear but can’t wake up.

#11 Symptoms of sleep paralysis

Exhaustion, sleep-deprivation and stress can bring about this condition. The exact methodology of how this happens hasn’t been explained to date.

#10 There is no actual danger

People who have gone through this phenomenon know that it feels very scary but science has proved that there have been no reported clinical deaths or bodily harm that has come from it. whenever you experience this, just convince yourself to not be scared.

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