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11 Real Life People That Famous Cartoon Characters Were Based Off Of

Baby Shark Dec 27, 2017
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Dennis “The Menace” – Dennis Lloyd Ketcham

It’s no wonder that Dennis is based on a real life character; a trouble making little boy. Cartoon artist Hank Ketcham and his wife were fed up by the unruly nature of their son so they might as well make some money off of him. One day, his mother yelled to his father, “your son is a menace!” after the boy made a big mess. From that day on, Hank exaggerated his son’s exploits in the world of cartoons.

Jessica Rabbit – Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, and Lauren Bacall

Jessica Rabbit is an amalgamation of 3 real-life complicated seductive women. Originally inspired by Rita Hayworth, the director Richard Williams decided to shift the character to look like Veronica Lake later on. Robert Zemeckis, another director sought yet another inspiration from Lauren Bacall.

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