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11 Absolutely Incredible Things Our Body Does Every Day

Baby Shark Dec 05, 2017
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3.Taste receptors are located in the heart

Some taste buds are only present at toddler level and they disappear with age. Fully grown adults have 10,000 receptors in their mouth and as age progresses, they decrease so much so that they have been cut into half by the time we are 60. The amazing thing is, receptors of sourness are located in the heart to recognize infections.

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4.Stomach acid can dissolve iron

Stomach acid is so strong that it can corrode and eventually dissolve metal! Scientists experimented with stomach acid. They heated it to 37°С and inserted iron blades and alkaline battery in it. 63% of the mass of iron was lost within a day and the battery was preserved. Stomach has to grow new cells to cope with the acid.

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