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11 Absolutely Incredible Things Our Body Does Every Day

Baby Shark Dec 05, 2017
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The greatest work of art and science combined is the human body. There are such intricacies and complexities involved in the making and working of our bodies that no one can go without thinking about the fabulous Creator.

Here are 10 amazing facts about our bodies that you might not have known previously.

1.Almost complete regeneration every decade

70 billion cells reach their final destination every day in our body and we don’t even feel the slightest change. Every 3-4 days, a new track appears in our intestines, every 3 months red blood cells regenerate and the kidney renewal process happens per annum. Almost full regeneration of our complete bodies happens every 10 years. Neurons, however, have a lifespan of over a century.

2.Every navel is a universe of bacteria

The navel is a whole ecosystem of bacteria. According to scientists, it’s like a rainforest of bacteria in there; with balanced flora and king of the jungle. Every navel has a slightly different ecosystem.

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