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10+ Times Women Had Absolutely Perfect Comebacks To Creeps

Baby Shark Sep 29, 2017
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All the Ladies out there, today we will be real to each other, whilst you’re walking down the street, dancing at a bar, or browsing online, some weird guys always pave the way to raise their unnecessary advances into your day.
One alternative is to just ignore them and walking away and the other one is to make them feel the burn so badly with your words that they start crying and run to their mommies.

With this list, you will have an ultimate opportunity to backfire on a guy the next time you went dating a guy and he ends up wanting your boudoir photos. Or to that with whom you have been ‘sort of’ texting and he gets too much excited with his creative emojis. The other option will be that guy who wants to know what will you do if you were with him When you merely had only texted him “hi”….seriously? .These weirdoes need a lesson to be taught.

Have a look at the comebacks of the century, and vote for the favourites that you’ll be using in future if you encountered some loser of that sort.



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