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10 Things That Are Scientifically Proven To Attract Women

Baby Shark Nov 14, 2017
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Are you unable to attract women? Why don’t you try some tactics which can work which have proven to charm women? There are some traits that one cannot change themselves such as height or looks. However, if you want to attempt to be a better version of yourself, then some tactics can surely help you. Kick your old tactics to the curb and start polishing your image to stand out in front of your crush.

Studies have revealed that there are specific characteristics in men which women find attractive. These traits are simple, and some of them are as common as buying your girl a bunch of flowers or chocolates. The central aspect to consider is the scope and nature of the relationship in which you are in. We are not saying that one needs to change themselves entirely to get the woman they desire. However, the tricks mentioned below can make a huge difference in a man’s personality.


A study conducted by UCLA reveals that women are attracted to men who are masculine. This attraction is synonymous with the way men are attracted to women who have bigger butts and breasts. The research further stated that muscles happen to influence a woman’s perception of how a man can shield and protect her. Muscles demonstrate a man’s strength, their health and personality. They are also a sign of the increased level of testosterone which is also an attractive factor for impressing women.


When selecting a partner, women tend to look for guys that have brains over muscularity. Intellectually stimulating conversations tend to be extremely attractive for women than the act of intimacy itself. So next time when you try to hit on a woman, try to ask her which authors she likes to read. These are the kind of conversations that keep the females interested.

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