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10 Things Men Want Us To Do In The Bedroom

Baby Shark Nov 14, 2017
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3. Say Yes

As per Shape, men outlook sex as a means to show their love. When you continuously decline to your man, you are throbbing his feelings and making him feel rejected. In place of saying him a total no, tell him why you are not in the feel for sex and plan a time when you will be less worried or feeling recovered.

4. Let Him Look

Men adore gazing at our bodies. We are attractive to them although we think we are not perfect. Stretch marks, belly fat, and a bit of extra fat don’t issue him. What ‘s important is that you are enthusiastic to be open and close with just him, so be on the top to present him the full view or make love to him in front of a mirror. Present him all that he desires and more.

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