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10 Sure Signs You’re Being Deceived

Baby Shark Dec 05, 2017
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Relationships lose their vitality and rigour as time passes. When the people involved in the relationship are not in love with each other, they take this loss of excitement as a bad sign. They might not have the guts to own up to the fact that they weren’t looking for anything serious and that its time they moved on. They may start to lie and deceive you.

Here are 10 changes in the behaviour of partners that allows you to judge their level of interest.

#10. They worry if you touch their phone.

Now, even if people don’t have anything to hide, they might get offended when you touch their phone. They take it as an invasion of their privacy. However, this shouldn’t be the case with married people or people in relationships. The whole concept of these relationships is based on trust and if they don’t trust you with their phone, something is wrong there. Either they’re not committed to you or they have something to hide.

#9. They often stay late at work.

Working late is not a good idea generally. It creates a feeling of mistrust between the partners. And why would someone always want to work late? Wouldn’t they want to see their partner? Wouldn’t they want to dine together? Maybe they have a relationship in the office, maybe they don’t want to see you or maybe they just want to provide the best for you. A discussion on the topic will really clear things up.

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