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10 Stories That Prove True Love Does Exist

Baby Shark Dec 05, 2017
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#4.I once decided to make dinner for my husband because our working routines were so hectic that it prevented me from doing that. However, when I was finished with the dinner, I heard the doorbell ring and saw my husband standing in the doorway with a bunch of flowers. He said he just wanted to see his wife smile.

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#5. My mom told me that my dad always used to wait up for her at the bus stop when she used to come back from the office. He was afraid that something might happen to her and no matter how late the bus was, he always used to wait for her. No matter how much it was snowing or raining, he would wait up for her and never complained about it.

#6. The story starts on the evening before my birthday when my boyfriend left for work at his usual time. Then at midnight, I got a text from him, wishing me birthday. Then I heard the doorbell rang and saw my boyfriend in the doorway holding a huge bunch of balloons. He was singing “Happy Birthday, ” and that was the cutest thing he has ever done.

#7. I invited my boyfriend to a romantic dinner at my place when we started dating. However, I caught a cold and had a severe fever which is why I was unable to cook anything. However, my date surprised me by going to the drugstore that night and buying all the medicines for me. He took care of me all night.

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