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10 Stories That Prove True Love Does Exist

Baby Shark Dec 05, 2017
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There happen to be many people out there who do not believe in true love; however, the stories mentioned below will make you think that the sentiment of love does exist.
Here are twelve stories which will confirm that true love does exist.

#1. When my husband went to his office party, I felt a pang of jealousy because his coworkers were young and attractive. I did trust him but was kind of jealous. He returned home and went to bed because he had a light hangover. I went near him to kiss, but he punched me in the nose. Being asleep, he thought that I was his coworkers. This made me so proud of him, and now I’m no longer jealous.

#2.For me, true love does not mean flowers of expensive gifts. True love is when my father helps my mom with her chores and buys her everything she needs. He helps her with her bathing and cleans her shoes every day. He is not a pushover, he just truly loves his wife who suffers from spinal troubles and never forgets to tell her how beautiful she is.

#3.I used to spend a lot of time with my best friend Michael when we were kids. We used to go to the outskirts of town and look at stars. There was nothing wrong with our friends and we were just kids. Michael used to tell me stories about the Polar star and constellations. I remember thinking that it would not be so bad to do his laundry for him. I think that was true love.

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