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10 Rules of Good Manners Appreciated All Over the World

Baby Shark Nov 16, 2017
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You can’t find perfection in human beings. Some people are better in one way while others are better in other ways and same goes for manners. Nobody can be perfectly well-mannered all the time.

But there are some rules of thumb in manners which if known, can prove an otherwise bad-mannered person as courteous. Here are these 10 major points about good manners that are the most important and if you know them you can’t be deemed an animal in society no matter where you go.

In a sports center (gym, fitness studio, swimming pool, sauna):

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  • There are some clear rules here that everyone should follow namely no intimate contact in pool lanes,
  • No male child older than 4 years of age in the ladies locker room.
  • No fixed spots in the fitness class.
  • No gossip in the steam room and
  • Finally don’t be selfish when someone needs help with their machine in the gym.

When someone is sick:

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  • Avoid long conversations when asking after the health of your sick colleagues, friends or relatives.
  • When you go to visit someone in the hospital and find that they share a room with someone, include them in your courteous behavior.
  • Ask them if they need something etc.
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