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10 Reasons Why Guys Prefer Dating Thick Girls

Baby Shark Sep 26, 2017
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Curvy is hot and it is not out of line. There happen to be a certain industry where being thick and curvy can mean one is BIG but that does not mean that it is the case everywhere. Most of the women out there are not size zero which explains why being big is the most prestigious thing one can be because it is something one should not be ashamed of.

Then whether it is Xena Princess Warrior or Ashley Graham, being big is in which is why one needs to stop denying it and get a hold on their body image as well as the way they look. There happen to be quite many reasons why a person would want to hang out with hot a curvy chick which is why you should read on.

#1 Diets Are Pretty Much Over

The best thing about a thick girl is that she will get involved with you in eating junk food. A thick girl will never say or ask you to take care of yourself and to diet because a couple of cheeseburgers will do her a good deal of good and large fries will brighten up her mood.

#2 They Do Their Own Thing

The best thing about being with a thick chick is that one does not have to fret about taking care of her which one has to specifically with skinny girls. This is because big chicks know how to take care of themselves and do their own thing.

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