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10 Reasons Bald Guys Are Sexier Than Men With Hair

Baby Shark Apr 09, 2018
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Two years ago, I took the plunge and decided to shave my hair off. Like, I grade zeroed my entire dome – and I haven’t look back since.

There were a lot of reasons behind the decision, but I had mainly just got sick and tired of having to maintain a hairstyle. And despite the fact I was (very) worried about the outcome, I’ve gotta say, I look badass as a baldy – even my fiancée says she prefers it.

I see blokes on the train to work every day, still hanging on to a few strands of thin hair, seemingly unable to accept their fate, and I’ve gotta admit, it’s pretty pathetic. Granted, I was only receding a little bit, but I’m here to tell all you fellas to just bite the bullet and shave your head. Why? Because overall, bald guys are much sexier than guys with hair, and here’s why;

1. They’re consistentBefore shaving my head, I used to spend ages every morning, shampooing, drying and styling my locks, only to do the same thing again the next morning. The fact is girls, that guy with hair that you go to bed with is going to look a lot different when you open your eyes 8 hours later. However, if you go to bed with a bald guy, he’s going to look the exact same in the morning.

2. We can take sh*t:

No amount of stress, insults or pressure can bring us down! Why? Because bald guys have had it all before. You want pressure, try losing your hair at 23-years-old – after that, nothing can bring us down.

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