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10 Photos That Are Depicting The Real Power Of Destiny

Baby Shark Jan 20, 2018
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Too much undue importance is being given to “that special someone” by literally everyone including myself. We all like to think that a great romance is waiting for us; we have to find it. I think it’s all the result of watching too many romantic movies and reading too many romantic novels. In short, media is the culprit.

Then the reality of life hits us. We got from one bad relationship to the next and from one heartbreak to another without even realizing that we are damaging ourselves in this “search” for a soul mate.

However, there are exceptions. It’s true that some people really are made for each other and things happen for them naturally. This means that they don’t go door to door looking for their loved one because if your soul mate exists, nature will make sure that the two of you find each other.

1. Coincidences are mysterious; they make one wonder about fate and destiny. “My cousin was in his future wife’s family picture (on the left) 7 years before they met,” a Reddit user named Pcsbor shared. What do you think; co-incidence or destiny?

2. “In preschool, we always used to be together, but we lost touch in the future. 20 years later, we met at our friend’s place, and now we date again”. Such stories are not as un-common as one would have thought.

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